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Runabouts 3/4 2020

Runabouts 1/2

Welcome to 3/4 Runabouts!

This year I am very excited to be working with you to help achieve your child's potential.I am very passionate about teaching and throughout the year I will be striving to give my students the skills and knowledge to succeed as 21st Century learners our Key Learning Areas will be:

English - This Term students will be participating in our intensive L3 Literacy program. Students will be taught in  a small group format that focuses on short, explicit lessons with a reading and writing focus. The remainder of the group will work independently in groups to work on manageing  literacy  activities that focus on developing a range of skills. These  include reading,writing, comprehension, grammar, speaking, listening, spelling and handwriting.

Maths - Students will continue to develop understanding of concepts, relations to numbers, space and geometry, measurement, chance and data through hands on activities.

Science and Technology -  This term we will be exploring the unit "Earth;s changing surfaces". Students will learn how natural processes and human activity shape their surroundings.

History -  Students will be exploring the unit of "Community and Remembrance" focusing on the importance of history of our local culture

Creative Arts - Stduents wll be creating pieces relating to the Syllabus core topics ausing a variety of media and tools.

PDHPE -  Sport will  be on a Friday afternoon and daily fitness will be before Recess each day depnding on weather conditions. PDH lessons will focus on health, relationships and well being.

I look forward to working with you throughout the year.  Runabout's 3/4 Teacher

Runabouts 2020