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RFF Teaching

RFF - Relief From Face to Face Teaching

History and Geography will be taught during RFF lessons. Mrs Wilkinson will be teaching Early Stage One and Stage Three and Mrs Schaepman will be teaching Stage One and Stage Two

Kindergarten - Personal and Family Histories - students will develop an understanding that stories of the past can be communicated through oral histories, photographs, books and digital media.

Year 1/2 In the unit, "Natural, Managed and Constructed Features" students are learning to identify places that are natural (not manmade such as a waterfall), managed (require maintenance such as a park) and constructed (built such as a school), or a combination of both (such as an igloo which is manmade from a natural material). They will learn to identify the unique features of places and how places are designed and used for daily and recreational use.

Year 3/4 - The topic "Places are Similar and Different" provides students with an opportunity to realise how places are shaped to reflect the culture of their inhabitants. Students will participate in research into different customs and celebrations of the world to discover how humans are innately the same although they may have different acquired characteristics and may do things differently.

Year 5/6 -  The Australian Colonies - students will learn about what life was like for different groups of people in the Australian Colonies, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. They examine settlement patterns, the environmental impact of colonisation and the daily lives of the early settlers.