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Yachts 1/2 2020

Yachts 1/2

Reading: Our guided reading groups are called Daily 5. During this session students will be involved in small group explicit reading instruction with the teacher. The other students will be completing rotational activities that include:

Read to Self  : -  student independently reads

Read to buddy:- Students take it in turns to read to a friend

Work on writing:- Students write different texts independently

Listen to reading:- Students listen to texts online and answer comprehension questions

Work on words:- Student practise sight words

Students read and view imaginative, informative and persuasive texts. They use an increasing variety of skills and strategies, including knowledge of text structure, context, grammar, punctuation, word usage and phonics, to make connections between texts and between their own experiences and information in texts.

Writing: Students are learning about the structure of imaginative texts and how the characters are portrayed in stories. They will learn to write a simple story that has a beginning, middle and end. We are focusing on using simple punctuation correctly and checking our work.

News: Students are given a news topic every week and get up in front of the class to deliver it.

Spelling: Students participate in Spelling Mastery lesson every day.

Mathematics: Students will participate in hands on lessons throughout the term that cover working mathematically, number and algebra, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability.

Science: Students will be learning the unit ‘Water’.  Students will engage in the processes of Working Scientifically, and Design and Production. They will participate in guided investigations, pose and respond to questions and make predictions. Students will collect and represent information using a variety of methods.

History: Students will be learning the unitPast and Present Family Life’. They will investigate how has family life changed or remained the same over time.

PD/H/PE: Students will be learning to throw and catch balls different ways, they will be participating in tennis lessons. During health lessons they will be learning about how each student is unique and similar to their peers.