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Rubber Duckies Kinder 2020

Rubber Duckies

Welcome to 2020 Rubber Duckies !

Term 1: During Term 1 our focus will be on the following content.

Science:  Weather in my world

Students will learn all about the different types of weather. This involves observing the weather, making recordings and predictions, as well as investigating weather patterns.

PE : Enjoy being active

Students will participate in a variety of co-operative games with their peers and participate in sport on Fridays.

PD Health: What makes me unique ?

Students will describe and discuss what makes them special. This is an opportunity for them to identify and celebrate thier unique qualities.

Creative Arts : Drama

Students will be encouraged to use their imaginations to retell the story of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," using a variety of body movements, facial expressions and expressive tones. 

History : All About Me

Students will be focusing on their special qualities and identifying who is in their family, including family jobs / roles.